Survey on Proposed Pledge by ACEM Member Firms for Fresh Graduate Engineers’ Starting Salary

We would like to share the outcome of our previous survey carried out from 5 to 11 November 2021 as follows:

Survey on Engineers’ Starting Salaries (related to “Jurutera Miskin” Issue)

ACEM conducted the survey on Engineers’ Starting Salaries from 5–11 November 2021. Based on the data collected, it was concluded that the size of the company does not have a big impact on the starting salaries while the level of education (Bachelor vs Master) has a sizeable impact on the starting salary of RM 2,500 against RM 3,000 respectively. The survey results were submitted to BEM on 18 November 2021. A presentation to Kementerian Kerja Raya (KKR) was subsequently conducted by BEM Board and a Task Force was formed to follow up on this matter.

This follow up survey is to gauge whether ACEM members would agree to a proposed pledge for a minimum salary of RM 3,000 and above for fresh graduate engineers who are engaged by ACEM Member Firms. The reason for the proposed pledge is to help the Graduate Engineers to cope with the current rising cost of living and encourage more students to take up the Engineering profession thereby discarding the “Jurutera Miskin” tag. The ECPs would also gain to hire quality graduates to upkeep the standard of the Engineering works instead of losing them to other fields who may be paying better salary and perks.

We hope that you could provide your feedback to us by 15 September 2022.

Part A: Respondent’s Details

Part B: Company Information

Part C: Company Salary Plans for Fresh Graduate Engineers